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Hey, guys- I just reached 666 followers so I’m doing a giveaway because holy shit I never expected this blog to get even a bit of recognition so I appreciate every single like, follow, reblog and ask. They all mean so much to me and I know I tend to joke around but I am completely and utterly serious when I say I love you guys. And I know my art isn’t the best but I don’t have any cool junk to giveaway so it’s all I can really offer. OTL

So yeah! Here’s some general rules-

  • you don’t have to reblog! I know askblogs don’t like doing that!
  • this is for my followers so y’know.
  • if you win, I’ll message you saying so and make a post- if you don’t respond in 48 hours I’m going to give it to someone else.

That’s it, have fun!

Now for the actual prizes!

  •  First place: Whatever the heckie you want! (can be multiple characters)
  • Second Place: Bust or icon- aspects (colouring, ect) is up to you! (2 characters max)
  • Third place: Icon- Aspects are up to you! (1 character)

That’s it, and good luck! I hope everyone has a great day!

you dont update very fast lmao


Mun, what are your fav hetalia ships?

[ Just a heads up, all my ships include alfred because I don’t care about any other character tbh

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[ psa
my al is 6’1” 
heheheh- ]

[pokes] you can't kill me [pokes again] youuu can't kill meeeee! [pokes again] youuuuu can't kill meeeeeee~ [chuckles and continues poking]

Maybe I can’t kill you but that doesn’t mean I won’t snap your fucking finger in half. 

Al in the Philippines we make blood cakes, and then we barbecue them! :D They taste really good! You should go ask Feli for some (if you know her)! They're amazing!

Yeah, let me just fly over to the Philippines for grilled pancakes. Sounds great.

Also I'm older than you. Aaaaaand your teeth look dumb. [grins]

You’re proud of being an old fart? That’s a first.
And if you don’t fucking scram you’re not gonna have any teeth to grin with in the first place.

What a fucking stupid question.
There’s only been one human that I wanted to kill. I don’t kill people for the fucking fun of it, I’m not a psychopath-
have to kill people. It’s, one, how I survive and, two, if I don’t kill em completely they’ll come back as a vampire- which I highly doubt anyone would want to be bestowed with such a pain in the ass fate.

You think I like killing people? You think I enjoy tearing people’s throats out? Sure, the hunt’s a thrill, but once the high dies down I just feel like shit all over again. I guess I’m just way too fucking sentimental, but devouring mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends- it’s a trip down guilt lane, one that never ends because I’m damned to this shit life for eternity.
But you know what the worst part is? I don’t feel shitty because I killed people, no, not because I’ve orphaned kids and widowed spouses- I feel shitty because something inside of me can’t help but be so fucking pleased with myself. Something inside of me has wished for this kind of freedom since childhood and if that isn’t the fucking sickest thing then I don’t know what is.

So, I can’t answer your fucking question because I’ve never necessarily wanted to kill humans, I just enjoy doing it.
Except for her. I wanted to end her so dearly, and yet once I’d done it there was no joy; I can’t wrap my head around why she was different but knowing she was dead didn’t fill me with adrenalin. It filled me with something I can’t put my finger on- but I never want to feel it again.

[ if I had a tablet I could make digital art that looks like this but nope sighs ]